I Accommodate Serious Buyers with Crazy Schedules!

Sometimes Flexibility is a Key Trait in a Successful Working Relationship.



 Buyers have the opportunity to hire an agent, and not even have pay the agent's salary! What does the buyer get for not spending a dime? They get everything they need to make the most out of their home purchase!

 They get a professional real estate agent to help them, guide them, and to fully represent them.

 The buyer’s agent will do all the work. Set up all their appointments, map the course, and probably even drive them. 

 Set up searches, tweek their searches again and again when the buyers change their minds, and then will deliver to the buyer the most current information possible. 

 A buyer’s agent will write up offers; compare other properties to protect them from over paying. 

 Employ skills needed to have the best chance of getting the home when faced with competing offers. 

 Give advice of all the available options, inspections, HOA review, township or code items and anything else they should review.

 And then can provide a list of resources to accomplish any task needed for the due diligence or investigation period that the buyer should fully exercise during the specified contingency time period, before they miss out on the opportunity to do so within the time frames allowed. 

 They co-ordinate everyone from the home inspections, the mortgage details, the closing details, while they negotiate everything from the price to the terms at every significant points in the transaction. 

 Then a great agent will most likely shield their client from all the back ground punches, harsh tones of things said, hot headed outburst, little or big fires the agent puts out; that a buyer probably didn't even know were happening in the throws of the transaction. 

 A buyer's agent will take their clients through the whole home purchase process with the all experience that the buyer does not have, all the knowledge the buyer does not know, and often creative problem solving that the buyer probably would not have considered. 

 And if the buyer knew enough to get by without professional assistance, to be an arms length away from the emotion of it all with a professional in-between is priceless. 

 Or flip side, a buyer can try to do it all by himself spending hours, days, weeks, and even months attempting to teach himself a crash course on the whole tricky business of buying a home. 

 Meet tons of agents at properties at inconvenient times. Then have to deal with most of the agents they meet calling them in an attempt to turn them into clients or meet other agents that resent them for wasting their time. 

 Most home sales are not vanilla, or black and white. Experience matters and a commitment to you from an agent as their client matters. 

 So why do some buyers want to do it themselves, when there isn't any savings or benefit? Be an informed buyer, hire a good agent, choose someone you can trust, and someone you feel comfortable with. 

 Unless you have a good reason to fire your agent, be loyal to them! 

 They are working for you completely for free and at their own expense. until you find and purchase the perfect home.

Thank you

Kathy Haverly

of Keller Williams Real Estate, Exton PA

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