Home Sales are as Busy as Bees, Welcome Spring







            Home Sales Welcome Spring!

When Life gives you Potholes, Plant Flowers!




When Life Gives You Potholes, Plant Flowers!



Maximize Your Homes Value in This Market


 Maximize Your Homes Value in This Market





Is It a Good Time for You to Put Your Home on the Market?

Timing is Everything!

Popularity of your neighborhood could put more money in your pocket in current market conditions.

If you are looking to sell your home, now is a good time.
Buyers are looking and inventory is low.

Neighborhoods that are less than 15 years old in price ranges 300k -600k are in high demand.

Homes in this spring market are experiencing less time on the market, and  many homes are selling with an increases in sale price!

If you have a home in this price range, call me for an in depth look at value and expected sale price.

Now may be the time you have been waiting for.

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