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Know what buyer's are looking for!

If you plan on staying in your home for a long time, cost vs value of home improvements are secondary to your comfort and enjoyment.

When it comes to remodeling you don't want to be the most improved home in your neighborhood if you expect to get a full return on your investment when it is time to sell your home.

A well maintained home with up-to-date improvements will sell for top dollar,but top dollar will still be limited by your neighborhood's market value. Some consideration may be given for exceptional condition and improvements. But it's little compared to the cost of the improvement.

If you are planning to sell your home your money and time are best spent on sprucing up maintenance items. Service and clean the heater, fix any leaks, replace any missing shingles, make sure gutters are clear of debris and working correctly, and repair any code required items for your local municipality and address anything that could be an HOA or condo violation. 

If you have a special item that would normally be sold as part of the home such as a special light fixture or attached decor, it is best to remove it before you begin to show the home prospective buyers. At the very least make sure it is made clear that the item will be removed and replaced or the area will be fully repaired when the item is removed.

A deep cleaning along with organizing and de-cluttering can go a long way! Pack away anything you don't need and get a jump start on your move. Organize your closets and cabinets, a buyer will open them!

Make the appliances shine as best as you can; or you may want to replace the appliances with a matching set. 

Great curb appeal will keep a buyer's mind open as they arrive for their showing, or it will make a potential buyer driving by take notice and they may call your agent to schedule a showing. If your home looks tired and worn outside it may immediately turn off a buyer and then close their mind to the rest of the home.

Improve the curb appeal by Power washing the exterior siding and deck. mulching flower beds and any other needed landscaping. Some low cost, or even do it yourself weekend projects can put more money in your pocket. Your investment of time and energy will be returned to you, often with a higher sale price and less time on the market.

Replace exterior doors and storm if they are damaged or unsightly. Paint walls and trim if needed, shine the woodwork, update doors and door handles, replacing shower heads and faucets if needed. Little improvements could go far, a new vanity in the bathroom with a pretty mirror, a new counter if the current one is dated or worn out can make the whole kitchen look fresh. Move furniture around or remove some furniture to make the rooms appear large and inviting.

Your listing agent can help you with staging ideas or may recommend a staging professional to come help you decide the best presentation and placement for furniture and decor.

In preparation for your home sale, I recommend for you to schedule time for your realtor to come to your home for a pre-listing visit. 

Your agent can offer you suggestions that can help you determine the most effective way to focus your efforts for the best outcome of your home sale.

If you are considering selling your home and you have any questions or you would like to meet with me please call or email me.

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