Say No to Winter Blue and you can be Pretty in Pink too!


If you like these Pretty Plastic Pink Flamingos, and if you think you would like a pair of these pretty pink pants, then you could be suffering from:                                                          

             " Harsh Winter Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome "

I'm afraid the only cure for this all too common phenomenon of 2014 is to move to Florida and raise Plastic Pink Flamingos of your own. 

One more winter without the proper treatment may push you over the edge. Reality may elude you, and you may begin to fill your Pennsylvania lawn with all manner of Pink craziness.

So if you would like to high tail and pink feather it out of here, I can help you make that enviable move toward year-round warmth, good health, peace of mind, and sanity! 

I think there are plenty of Pretty Plastic Pink Flamingos for you in Florida and even other warmer states.

If I could make a move toward warmth and sanity, I'd be right behind you!

Kathy Haverly

Kathy's Direct #    215 - 896 - 2795

Neil's Direct #  215 - 896 - 2975

Main Office #  610 - 363 - 4300

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