Extreme Solutions to Difficult Dilemma 

  • Change the locks and provide a bad key 
  • Rearrange the house numbers on the door and cause confusion
  • Put the neighbors key in the usual hiding place, maybe they'll go there instead
  • Shut off cable tv, internet, dish network, fiber optic, x-box, red box, jack in the box and any other source of entertainment that may keep them dazed and not moving
  • Put up "Road is Closed" signs on both ends of the street
  • Sell the too large, too much work, and too full home and Buy the empty nest of your dreams

The # 1 Best Solution, which receives 5 stars out of 5 from any and all boomerang parents that have longed for an empty nest,  Call Me! 

‚ÄčI can hang my handy dandy For Sale sign in your front yard to serve as a launch countdown notice.                    Sellers are in great positions to sell this year, the market is good, inventory low, buyers are plenty.

I can help you to find the empty nest of your dreams, provide your forwarding address at your own discretion.    Down - Size is Fun - Size. 

A lovely small ranch home with one floor living, a condo or townhome with little to no exterior maintenance, or a 55 plus development with an active friendly community and other amenities. 

You can even kill 2 birds with one stone. Get away from the over-grown adult kid or kids, and the big bad winter too. 

Grab a Plastic Pink Flamingo and head south! 

Kathy Haverly

Call Me Direct  #  215 - 896 - 2795

Main Office #  610 - 363 - 4300

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